Tuesday, November 8, 2011


So Tumblr got boring and irritating, all at the same time, so I went back to Blogger.

There are apparently some problems with Blogger that weren't around the last time I came here, so I'm still here with the generic background until I either get sick of trying to find out how it can be physically possible to have an image that's 1800x1600 that somehow still manages to be smaller than 300K (come to think of it, why in the world would Google not be able to put even a slightly higher limit on what image you could upload to use as a custom backgroundLink anyway?) and go back to a normal template, or I'll figure it out and stick with this one.

Anyway, to "business."

This morning I got into a conversation with a co-worker who (foolishly) disputed that well known fact that Snoopy vs The Red Baron by The Royal Guardsmen was a lesser Christmas song than White Christmas as performed by Bing Crosby.

I know. Ridiculous, right?

So anyway, I leave it up to you, whoever ends up finding this particular corner of the Interwebs. Here, for your viewing/listening pleasure: the greatest Christmas song ever recorded, and that Bing Crosby one.

Ta for now.

And, as a special bonus for those people who like their Snoopy with a little Ska, I present: The Hotshots!

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